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Concept: Decipherer of mystic items
Apparent Age: 30
Virtue: Justice
Vice: Sloth

Order: Lumen Society
Path: Obrimos
Legacy: --
Status: Provost (Mastigos)
Cabal: The Wise Club


You think I haven't heard the one about the silver hammer before?
Yeah, you're real smart, for a ned.


Glaswegian-born Maxwell boasts a lengthy record of achievements. She served an apprenticeship with the respected Lothian Poker Club, a Libertine cabal devoted to examining and backwards engineering magical objects with techne. When the cabal broke apart, she followed her mentor Sidereal to Mumbai for a lengthy period of “graduate study” with actual objects they engineered, seized or uncovered. Nothing substitutes for hands-on experience she had trouble finding in Edinburgh, where everything was rolled up lock, stock, and barrel.

Maxwell and Sidereal had a falling out she refuses to speak of, something so problematic she abandoned her parents’ home country altogether and trudged back to Europe in a pall of misery. She rejoined the Royal Society and fell in with the radical faction, sympathetic to their agitation for a greater share of mystical responsibility. Finding few takers, Maxwell went out on a limb by advertising her hard won experience. Older mages ignored her. Younger ones unable to court the resources she had thanks to some lucky strokes started going to Maxwell for first look at things they found, and she gained a reputation for telling the truth and giving goods back. She also offered fair enough prices.

It’s common knowledge that Connery retains her to deal with people so he doesn’t have to, though her keen eye for anything arcane was the foundation for being co-opted into being a provost. He gives her cash and Tass badly needed, and she confirms whether an Egyptian chit is legitimate or not. Maxwell’s technical speech and high flying notions often require translation, and who better than the master of MI-11?

She is considered the most sympathetic and approachable on the Consilium, a self-confessed geek who adores tearing things apart and putting them together. She has an eye for a puzzle and a love of frenetic crafting sessions over fatty, fried foods and takeaway curry. Maxwell has a gift for Prime but never much discloses what she can do.


  • Master Indian spices and she'll be your best friend.
  • Fascinated by all manner of technical devices, the more magical the better.
  • Rumour has it all her acquisitions are tagged.

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Played by Janina Gavankar.


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