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Logo.jpg Edinburgh: The Meadows

Urban dwellings dissolve into organic forms and lush foliage in Edinburgh's beloved greenspace. A jumble of delicate glass spires and church steeples punctuate the skyline above the ramparts of mature fir, maple, and cherry trees. Trimmed lawns favoured as a picnic site cover the drained basin of a loch so polluted and filthy, medieval children supposedly walked on it. Cyclists and buggy-pushing parents create more congestion than vehicles on the road splitting the park in two. During the day, students throng to benches to study and dog walkers scour the trails, an army of football players descending on the pitches in any weather. Evening brings its own hazards in forgotten quarters where illicit deals take place, and the homeless seek protection in the park shelters.

The upper park remains the refuge of golfers playing the royal sport. Fine walking paths lined in trees creates a romantic byway just beyond crowded sidewalks. Cherry blossoms rain down from a fragrant natural archway during the spring, while dramatic red and copper patchwork quilts form as autumn descends. Performers overtake the fringes of the Meadows on weekends to practice their routines or busk by benches, fed by a stream of residents and tourists using the Meadows as a shortcut between Marchmont and Old Town.


Zone: Old Town
Grid: B5
Concept: Park
Resources: 2
Security: 2

Manager: City
Owner: City
Affiliations: None

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