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Logo.jpg Edinburgh: Mechanarium

The Mechanarium is a tinkerer's fever dream, an emporium that occupies the strange, shifting ground between art, craft, and mad science. A thousand gears reverberating with time's heartbeat tick in precise unison, sending slight tremors through polished maple floorboards. Elaborate metallic and wooden creations wed artistic qualities with functionality, enchanted with the ability to move or produce sound at the turn of a key, the flick of a plumbob, the kiss of a magnet. Clockwork powering the handmade engineering marvels produces a persistent, complex symphony of metallic harmonies and structured rhythms in tune with the universe itself. Handmade engineering marvels fashioned into all shapes imaginable adorn spotless glass shelves in several collections, a Victorian parade of miniature pistons and sewing machines spinning in perpetual motion to the hand-cranked devices of a dystopian industrial future.

Peapod tin insects strung on fine chain spill out of an open drawer, tiny wings stretched open to show translucent filigree. Breadbox-sized pieces pose and bend in fantastic contortions that display the blooming rose contained within a gilded cage or the curling, flame-etched feathers of a phoenix catching the sky. Parlour pieces realized in the largest dimensions protect polished, moving parts inside mahogany frames and cabinets. Guests may be struck not the overtly soulless quality of these machines, but the subtly alien sense that there is a soul at work, of sorts, amidst the arcane whirrings and soft chimes.


Zone: Leith
Grid: F3
Concept: Clockwork emporium
Resources: 3
Security: 3

Manager: City
Owner: City
Affiliations: None

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