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Date of Birth: September 21st, 1986
Apparent Age: Mid-Twenties
Occupation: Unemployed
Virtue: Faith
Vice: Pride

Shadow Name: Morgaine
Order: Silver Ladder
Path: Thyrsus
Cabal: None
Origin Consilium: Anglesey

Morag MacRae

“Magic is a matter of focusing the disciplined will. But sometimes the will must be abandoned. The secret lies in knowing when to exercise control, and when to let go.”

Marion Zimmer Bradley

  Morag MacRae, known by her shadow name Morgaine, is a candidate of the Sodality of Tor. She was raised in a reconstructionist tradition of witchcraft dedicated to the effort of restoring the power of Avalon and restoring the glory of Camelot. Fate and Destiny have a heavy hand on her, as it is believed by some that she will be the conduit of Morgana Le Fay's re-entrance into the world for this purpose. Whether or not she believes this herself is up on the air; that being said, as a member of the Silver Ladder she is expected to become a leader within her spiritual community.


  • She was formerly apprenticed to Nimue, also a Thyrsus Silver Ladder and Spiral Walker. Nimue took Morgaine on a tour of Great Britain and some of the Continent. They were guests of various Consilii including Bergen and Londinium, so their circle of acquaintance is not restricted to Anglesey, particular if one is Thyrsus and/or Silver Ladder.
  • There are those who believe that once Morgaine joins the Sodality of Tor and is able to draw down the moon, she will become the new avatar of the spirit of Morgana Le Fey and become the high priestess of a new age of Avalon in which worship of the Mother is restored to Brittania. Believe it or not, but Acanthus and others well practiced in Fate can sense that great expectation rests on her shoulders. (Destiny 4)
  • While born and raised in Edinburgh, Morag was brought up in an Arthurian themed tradition of witchcraft. Her mother, while a Sleeper, owns an occult supply store and Morag's been participating in the British pagan community for a very long time.
  • Unsurprisingly, Morag is a scholar of Arthurian academia as well as the related occult lore and ritual.

  Standing about 5'6", slender without being too skinny, this young woman appears to be in her early twenties. She has a beautiful, fairy tale sort of delicacy to her features, with her long black hair, green-gold eyes and porcelain, smooth skin. She is in good physical shape, neither overripe nor too slender. Equally lovely is her rich, nuanced alto voice, capable of great expression.

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  • Mai is never going to live down that song, but I like him anyway.




  • "Why do you doubt yourself when I have faith in you?" - Niniane
  • "She makes her own Gordian knots." - Agrivain
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