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Logo.jpg FAQ: Mortal

  • Q: Can I play a mortal, psychic or thaumaturge?
A: Currently we only allow mortal sphere options as short-term NPCs. They are not available as a player option except for preludes.
  • Q: Why aren't mortals available?
A: Revelations focuses on Mage-based themes and stories. While mortals are background players, enemies or allies, they are not the primary storytelling interest. Rather than ask Mortal characters to play second fiddle, we simply opt not to offer them.
  • Q: I have an awesome concept for a psychic/thaumaturge, but I don't know enough Mage. What can I do?
A: We aim to be friendly and welcoming to all players, whether veterans of Mage or picking up the book for the first time. Talk to an admin or reach out to fellow players. We will be happy to translate a concept, help you find your footing, and have a great roleplaying experience.
  • Q: Why aren't there Sleepwalkers or Proximi?
A: Sleepwalkers do not exist in Revelations canon due to thematic and plot reasons. The Awakened have heard stories of mortals resistant to the Lie, trusted acolytes of the exiled Atlanteans able to witness grand rituals without fear of Paradox or crumbling spells. They have also heard of unicorns and basilisks. Whether they existed or had a seed of truth is a matter of debate among the Invisible College and not much else. As for Proximi, we will be happy to work with you to create your concept as a mage.
  • Q: Will you offer Hunter: the Vigil?
A: No. Faith-based characters with the power to affect the world around them based on their intense devotion or goodness (e.g., high Morality score) will potentially make an appearance based on plot outcomes.

Mortals in Plots
  • Q: Can I use mortals for plot?
A: Absolutely. Mortals define the struggles of a mage's shadow life and the reason she struggles to keep a foot in Fallen and Supernal worlds. Use mortals all you want within reason.
  • Q: Is it cool for my Seer to control the Queen?
A: Queen Elizabeth II and similarly influential people (the Scottish First Minister, the head of the Bank of Scotland, etc.) count as Tier 2+ plot fodder.
A special note: Queen Elizabeth's public stature grants her formidable defenses against being tampered with. Mortal society expects her to act in certain ways and the full weight of reality reinforces those notions.
  • Q: Are psychics or thaumaturges approved for plots?
A: We prefer mages, but psychics without telepathic Merits are acceptable. Thaumaturges use an Awakened equivalent; an Apostle of the Dark One might be a Mastigos communing with demonic spirits or a corrupted Obrimos.
  • Q: Can I use sleepwalkers in plots?
A: No. As far as the Awakened know, Sleepwalkers are simply a myth from Atlantean times.
  • Q: I have a secret society/group/organization I want to use.
A: We encourage thematic diversification, so let the admins whether we can accommodate you.
  • Q: How are the Templars handled?
A: Edinburgh is overrun with Templar and Crusader lore thanks to Dan Brown's "Da Vinci Code." Have fun with all these convoluted themes, but please contact the admins first if you want to do a resurrected order of Knights Militant.

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