Mother Cailleach's

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Logo.jpg Edinburgh: Mother Cailleach's

White crown mouldings and plaster confections transform ornate this Georgian building into a life-size gingerbread house. Serpentine moulding frosts ice blue walls at the joints and corners, slinking down in rippled lines dotted by gumdrop lamps and glossy hard candies. Glazed honey tiles suspiciously resemble peanut brittle, forming snowflake bursts where they lock together. Candycane columns hold up the domed ceiling tiled in gingerbread squares, mirroring the pinwheeled tables rooted in the front half of the shop.

Chalk menuboards display an everchanging array of handmade gourmet ice creams and gelato containing locally sourced ingredients. The microcreamery specializes in unusual and innovative flavours rather than standard fare: honey lavender, vodka-spiked Swedish fish, gorgonzola cheese with candied pecans and cherry sauce. Custom pints blend together herbs, flowers, nuts, and fruit with chocolates and sweets as often as alcohols. Glossy white freezers contain the week’s batches; behind them, shelves hold jars containing fresh ingredients from rosemary sprigs to ground saffron. A beaded curtain showers snowflakes and icicles down over the arched entrance to a reading room frequented by book clubs.


Zone: Southside
Grid: G7
Concept: Occult ice creamery
Resources: 2
Security: 2

Manager: City
Owner: City
Affiliations: None

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