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Logo.jpg Edinburgh: Murrayfield


Temples to sport are Murrayfield’s star attractions, a source of international attention and crushing traffic jams as fans descend upon the holy sites. Scotland’s largest stadium, Murrayfield Stadium, hosts the national rugby team, football matches, and concerts in an enormous pitch capable of seating almost seventy thousand people. Its sweeping white and blue crown looms above neighbourhoods gathered at its feet, worshippers come to pay homage to beloved athletes. A smaller ice hockey rink used by the Edinburgh Capital stands in the stadium’s shadow. Golfers celebrate the other favourite sport of Scotland on the links at Murrayfield Golf Course a short distance away.

Behind the public face, Murrayfield is a private, affluent suburb snug against wooded Corstorphine Hill. Leading businessmen and financiers call the posh neighbourhoods of Rosebank and Millionaire’s Row home, making their homes among renovated attached villas and single-family houses on landscaped properties. Maple-lined avenues guard privacy and privilege in a serene, suburban environment freed from the cares and hectic pace that characterise Old and New Town. Strictly enforced noise and garbage bylaws ensure a presentable face to residential areas retreating from the intrusions brought by the stadia.


Zone: Central
Grid: D5
Resources: 3
Security: 2

Businesses: Bannatyne Fitness
Scotch Market
Affiliations: None

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