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Logo.jpg Edinburgh: National Library

The largest library north of Cambridge, the National Library's vast archives are contained in a multi-floor building drilled into Lothian bedrock. As a National Collection, the library receives a copy of every printed item in Britain. Millions of books and printed materials stretching from the medieval to the present day fill the shelves and underground vaults. Two million maps alone fill the temperature controlled map room, an austere space filled by heavy wooden tables and boxes of cotton gloves. Librarians guard Shakespeare's First Folio, the Gutenberg Bible, and newer masterpieces for future generations.

Escalators and elevators link the special collections rooms split into British and foreign materials, scientific, musical, newspaper, and official sections. Banks of computers in the labs access an extensive digital collection, but researchers are drawn to the hushed, reverential suites occupied by double tiers of bookshelves. Staircases lead to second floor catwalks to access the upper row, polished smooth by care and affection. Mechanized sorting snakes deep underground into Edinburgh's famed walled-up vaults, a place purportedly haunted and avoided by staff and guests alike.


Zone: Old Town
Grid: D5
Concept: Library
Resources: 2
Security: 5

Manager: City
Owner: City
Affiliations: None

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