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Logo.jpg Edinburgh: National Museum

Twin buildings of entirely different character visually represent the merger between the modern Museum of Scotland and the Romanesque revival Royal Museum. Golden Moray sandstone fits into the castellated architecture, brochs, and geometric, Corbusian forms which make up the National Museum's controversial design. Scottish galleries unravel in a Celtic spiral chronologically from the earliest settlements through medieval antiquities up to later periods on the higher floors. Light glistens off the soft, white walls and polished floors around priceless artefacts put on display. Popular exhibits include the famed walrus-ivory Lewis Chessmen and the extraordinary white sarcophagus of Mary, Queen of Scots stationed in the transept of the Renaissance rooms.

The huge cast iron Grand Gallery, a massive canopy of glasswork, connects the Victorian museum to the Scottish world. Suspended objects like dinosaur bones loom and hang over the towering atrium. Collections covering scientific developments and technological achievements, world culture, and natural history are contained within sixteen interlocking galleries. Each room has its own theme, ranging from Egyptian decorative arts in alabaster and sandstone to Elton John's fabulous costumes. Special exhibitions frequently rotate through the central galleries, bringing glimpses of pharaonic jewels or Mayan books to the public.


Zone: Old Town
Grid: D5
Concept: Museum
Resources: 2
Security: 5

Manager: City
Owner: City
Affiliations: None

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