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Logo.jpg Edinburgh: War Memorial

Scotland commemorates her fallen under stony vigil in a redeveloped barracks block with the air of a cathedral. Fitting a place which housed soldiers now hosts monuments from the Great War to the present. The classical Hall of Honour splits into two wings, its barrel vaulted roof floating high above. A frieze encompassing the room lists the battles in bold relief against a gilded background. Colourless stained glass windows cast a solemn light over flagstone floors and stone pillars flanking individual bays dedicated to each regiment. Broad shelves placed before the bays hold leather-bound books of the dead, a personal sum of individual sacrifice and loss. Bronze plaques commemorating medics, the merchant marine, and other groups decorate the ends of the transepts.

The casket containing rolls of the dead dominates the central gothic shrine. Bronze angels kneel with St. Margaret and Andrew at the corners, watched over by dense, luminous stained glass windows. The casque sits on green Italian marble pillar, which in turn stands on the living rock of the tor at its highest point.

The memorial resonates with an awful poignancy and collective grief nearly too great to absorb at once. The vast scope of the architecture and the losses enshrined here prohibit taking everything in at once. Elderly people stand weeping before battle honours while wide-eyed children stare with reverence.


Zone: Old Town
Grid: DT B4
Concept: War memorial
Resources: 3
Security: 5

Manager: City
Owner: City
Affiliations: None

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