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Logo.jpg Edinburgh: Newhaven


Ancient maritime links bind Newhaven's fate to the sea. Its long history as an oyster port and shipbuilding centre echoes through the street names and fishmongers lining the diminished harbour. Barnacle-crusted wharves jut out into the Forth like gnarled hands waiting to catch the waves, a concrete barrier protecting the marina. Warehouses and converted canneries whisper of the once grand fishing fleets that formed the bedrock of the community, a role now diminished to a paltry handful of boats taking to the sea every so often. Larger houses in the upper village give way to distinctive fisher's cottages weathered to dull greys and bleached brown stucco that further define the village's character from the rest of Edinburgh. Stairs climb to the first floor entrances, leaving the ground level reserved for storage.

The past wrestles with the future under the auspices of Western Harbour redevelopment programmes. Shoreside routes like Starbank Road and Pier Place hug the coast, linking parks and high street shops to the new sports centre and blocks of flats built on refilled land. Replica flats of original Victorian shops line half the village core, bland 1960s institutional buildings across the street erasing the unique architectural flavour. The crowded village core defiantly remains much as it ever has, residents visiting the same small shops and pubs their ancestors favoured as Tesco and Boots relentlessly creep in.


Zone: Leith
Grid: F2
Resources: 2
Security: 2

Businesses: Warehouse
Affiliations: None

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