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Logo.jpg Edinburgh: Duddingston Newsagent

Royal blue proclaims the small, squat cinderblock building's sole purpose as a newsagent to all and sundry. Wire racks and tall shelves put limited space to good use. Every free spot up front houses a copy of the Scotsman or the Evening News, the plump stacks of newspapers sorted like rival rugby teams. Magazines fill surround the wooden counter polished by decades of use, and behind the glass, cigarettes vie with Hibernian FC stickers for space. Smokes fly out the door as often as newspapers. A lottery ticket machine flashes updates on the newest jackpot between maps and t-shirts for lost tourists and last minute gifts.

The newsagent doubles as a vendor for all life's little necessities at jacked up prices. The middle shelves carry packaged food from crisps to foil-wrapped curry, little of nutritional value, and an assortment of household goods. Generations of children idolize stacks of candy and chocolate bars placed at eye level in bright, bold colours. Sponges, paper towels, and collectible spoons are in such abundance navigating the cramped space is next to impossible. Refrigerated pop and vitamin-infused water glimmer in refrigerated units confined to the far corner beside the well-stocked beer cave.


Zone: East
Grid: G5
Concept: Newsstand
Resources: 3
Security: 3

Manager: City
Owner: City
Affiliations: None

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