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Date of Birth: 10/31/1984
Apparent Age: Mid-20s
Occupation: Research Librarian
Virtue: Hope
Vice: Wrath

Order: Invisible College
Path: Acanthus
Cabal: None
Legacy: None
Order Status: Reader
Consilium Status: None
Other Status: University Research Monkey
Origins: Londinium
Mentor: Brandon

Sorcha Duncan

"People start their lives at last when they are able to live for something other than themselves."

Albert Einstein

  An Edinburgh native, Sorcha Duncan has recently returned from her studies in London, where she earned BAs at Oxford in History and Environmental Engineering while studying the mystical arts as Niamh ("neev" or "nee-ahv"; she prefers the former pronunciation, but responds to both). She's a bright but desperately inexperienced young thing who has spent most of her time in the stacks. Her powerful but unknown Destiny makes her a pawn of more than Fate, as various forces make their plays for her influence... or to influence her. The Royal Society loves to hate her conservative Londinium mentor. Having been under tremendous pressure as a child, compounded by her Destiny as an Awakened, she wants most earnestly to figure out who she really is, both within and without the expectations of others.


  • Research! Sorcha Duncan is a rising star in the University of Edinburgh's research libraries; if you urgently need to uncover mundane but obscure information, she's your girl. Niamh is well-known within the Invisible College for her tenacious skills when it comes to research under pressure.
  • Geek! Her personal interests vary widely, from history and anthropology to environmental engineering; she studied all these things at Oxford.
  • Music! Sorcha doesn't have as much time as she'd like to hit the celtic punk rock scene, but she does unwind there occasionally. She's been known to last-minute sub for an absent band member, in a pinch.
  • Nature! For someone as passionate about digitization as Niamh, she is often found in the middle of nowhere, letting the wonders of the wilderness drain her anger away.
  • Destiny and Fate! It's undeniably true that a concordance of Fate surrounds and binds Niamh, and the young woman's return to Edinburgh may well be a harbinger of the dramatic changes that some embrace and others dread. Furthermore, she has the uncanny tendency to be in the wrong place at the right time; her nickname is "Trouble Magnet" for a reason.
  • Conflicting Loyalties! An Edinburgh native, Niamh is pathetically desperate to prove to the Royal Society that she's more than a Londinium mole. At the same time, she earnestly believes that cooperation between the rival Consilii is vital to protect them both, in a rapidly changing world. There are some rumors surrounding her hasty departure from Scotland; some claim she was deliberately poached by the rival Consilium immediately after her Awakening.
  • Mentor! Professor Brandon, often just called The Professor, is a famously conservative hail Britannia type, and not well-loved by much of the Royal Society. An Acanthus of the Invisible College, he is among the most prominent practitioners of Fate in all Londinium, and thus perhaps anywhere; typically enough for his Order, he's notoriously close-mouthed about what he knows. They both love studying the mystical traditions of their homelands, but the Professor reveres the past, while Niamh embodies the future; they don't see eye to eye very often. (Mentor 3; Influential)
  • Naivete! Niamh is rumored to be something of a sucker for a sob story, and thus easy prey for cheap Invisible College help.
  • The Undercity! Niamh hung out in the Undercity a lot as a teenager. News that it's been going to hell while she's been gone has troubled her deeply, and she plans to take action. The drug situation concerns her as well, but not as personally.
  • Self-Defense! Niamh is a raw beginner in combat, a fact obvious to most anyone who sees her (lack of) stance; a gentle soul, she has no training, but on the other hand, no preconceptions. She could really use someone martially (and kindly) inclined to take her under their wing and teach her how to throw a punch, shoot a gun or swing a sword, before she gets herself killed.

  If Sorcha's large, thoughtful gray eyes provide a window to her soul, then hers is the spirit of the stormcloud; swift and quiet, until it's the herald of a raging tempest. Her thick black hair is worn shorn to the nape of her neck and seems perpetually windswept, and her complexion is a rich, warm brown. A cute little nose provides a down-to-earth counterpoint to the otherwise sleek moldings of her thin, refined features. She smells like wildflowers and sun-drenched summer afternoons, and though her gentle movements bespeak a kind heart, it often seems as though her delicate, slender frame can scarcely contain her unassailable spirit; she is small, but fierce.

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  • The University of Edinburgh community; undergrads, grad students and professors.
  • Edinburgh's music/nightlife scene, especially anything involving one or all of the words "Celtic", "Punk", and "Rock".



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