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Logo.jpg Edinburgh: Niddrie


Visitors to the Niddrie could be mistaken for mistaking cracked streets and boarded up estates as a bombed out quarter of Beirut or Aleppo, not Edinburgh. Coal mining families brought to 1930s social housing found few facilities or sympathetic ears, breeding a hostility that lasts to this day. Hollow-eyed residents spit at politicians and entitled citizens from beyond the row of battered industrial sites and abused pub that promise a temporary escape from misery at the bottom of a grimy glass. Torn macadam roads threaten to swallow a Vauxhall in pitted craters too large to call mere potholes, wandering avenues that lead to nowhere.

Filthy concrete low-rises smeared in offensive graffiti pin down overgrown lawns choked in weeds, maroon boards erected over smashed windows and gaping doorways. Vagrants manage to pry open the entrances anyways for a sheltered place to sleep among discarded jabs, trash, and meth labs. Electricity barely works in the occupied homes temporarily spared the wrecking ball by lack of funds and political will, but gangs and a few determined survivors hold out to defend a no-man’s land unloved even by the residence. Police patrols are few and safety practically non-existent outside ethnically divided bands of thugs, and most outsiders agree an unchecked fire reducing Niddrie to the ground would be a mercy.


Zone: East
Grid: H5
Resources: 1
Security: 1

Businesses: Bliss
Tent City
Affiliations: None

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