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Concept: Storm witch
Apparent Age: 40s
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Pride

Order: Silver Ladder
Path: Acanthus
Legacy: Storm Keepers
Status: Councilor
Cabal: Grail Society


When tempest tossed, embrace chaos.

Dean Koontz

Niniane counterbalances the other Councilors, bringing a feminine, elemental, and intuitive perspective to official deliberations. The Royal Society casts her as Lleu’s opposite, the cunning high priestess who advises from her understanding of destiny to his wise king led by glory and a higher purpose.

A pillar of the Royal Society, the storm witch concerns herself with deeper mysteries she rarely discloses. Five assistants serve her at any given point, tending the sacred locales around Lothian charged to her care. Rampant rumours swirl around the duties which demand constant attention and sacrifice. Niniane keeps a low profile for Thearch, but enemies arousing her displeasure suffer the lash of wind, wave, and skyfire.

Her involvement in Supernal affairs strikes out of the blue: a message dispatched to a cabal, a clue offered at a critical time. She cultivates contacts among old and new Fellows alike, and her gold-plated invitations offer opportunities to rub shoulders in a less formal environment than the Society headquarters. Many mages defer to the enchantress by dint of respect or fealty as a mentor to prodigies seeded throughout European and American consilia.

Her stints as Hierarch coincided with Scotland’s greatest troubles since the First World War, and she led the Royal Society through stock market upheavals and social unrest. Disenfranchised mages in the Lumen Society protesting the slow response from other Councilors hoped for better under the Acanthus Councilor, and were left wanting.


  • Broad social connections and circles.
  • Her invitations are prized.
  • Renowned for unexpected appearances to deliver unnerving messages.
  • Enjoys sailing and beachcombing.

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Played by Charlotte Rampling.



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