Old Royal High School

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Logo.jpg Edinburgh: Old Royal High School

Enlightened democracy is fittingly housed in a Greek temple on the slope of Calton Hill, watching over Edinburgh's civic centre to her distant suburbs. Grand porticos open inwards upon the central block, a string of clean Ionic columns marching through the foyer to a wholly modern debate gallery. Refurbished for the Scottish Parliament which relocated elsewhere, elm panels and vaulting ceilings house state of the art audiovisual equipment. Leather seats placed in an oval amphitheatre drop in three rows to the central speaking floor, hemmed in by decorative black fencing. Narrow stained glass windows peer out over the breathtaking panorama, a wall of luminous radiance painted jewel tones by the Firth of Forth rather than any artifice.


Zone: New Town
Grid: DT D3
Concept: Unused Parliament Building
Resources: 3
Security: 4

Manager: NPC
Owner: NPC
Affiliations: NPC

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