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Logo.jpg Edinburgh: Pentlands

The Pentlands are the remnants of a volcanic mountain range worn down by epochs and ice sheets into a wall of rolling peaks and ridges, a great dormant dragon cloaked in lichen and heaths. They form a crescent moon buttressing the southernmost reaches of Edinburgh and Midlothian over twenty miles. Clouds often gather around the rounded peaks, shrouding them in heavy mists long into the morning. Scald Law and Carnethy Hill stand tallest among their brethren at 580m, coming within only a few miles of the Firth of Forth in places. Upland forestry plantations rejuvenate deforested slopes, but the majority of the parkland is given over to wild pasture cropped by the odd sheep.

Nature rules uncontested over these tamed hills, erasing signs of human occupation as soon as they are built. Mulched trails peter out to deer paths in the heathlands, while constant efforts hack out gravelly paths tracing the way up to cairns marking each peak. Alders and birches thrive in wetter areas watered by plentiful streams plunging over mossy beds, ringing the large manmade reservoirs supplying drinking water to the city. Hardy junipers and yews endure the northern winds roaring down from Orkney, a few majestic specimens in dark copses standing together. The air is forever alive with the cries of birds wheeling through the open sky, and pungent with the scent of moist earth and crushed foliage.


Zone: Pentlands
Grid: F8
Resources: 2
Security: 2

Businesses: Glenkinchie Distillery
Affiliations: None

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