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This page documents the visual inspiration for a character, commonly known as their "played by" or "actor." Feel free to add your name and character inspiration to this page. Where possible, please try to avoid duplication. Only Consilium NPCs and player characters are eligible for listing; mentors are not.

By Actors
Actor Character
Benedict Cumberbatch Hume
Mark Dacascos Lacrosse
Emily Deschanel Deidre
Nina Dobrev Delaney
Michael Fassbender Agrivain
Neila Fynn Abbigail
Janina Gavankar Maxwell
Jamillette Gaxiola Honour
Gian Ghomeshi Wallace
Cam Gigandet Gaheris
Jonathan Goldsmith El Toro
Chris Hemsworth Wulfdun
Isabelle Huppert Covenant
Jason Isaacs Sinister
Taylor Kitsch Ywain
Eoin Macken Orpheus
Katie McGrath Morag
Rhona Mitra Ash
Jason Momoa Quinlin
Dominic Monaghan Aaron
Cillian Murphy Keating
Paul Newman Urien
Bill Nighy Lleu
Neil Oliver Connery
Clive Owen Lohengrin
Charlotte Rampling Niniane
Jeremy Renner Faoladh
Trent Reznor Gwyllgi
Hiroyuki Sanada Syzygy
Cristina Scabbia Uathach
Shannon Sossamyn Dextra
Aidan Turner Emrys
TwiggX Cairn
Hikaru Utada Sage
Bernardo Velasco Flint
Nora Zehetner Invidia

By Character
Character Actor
Aaron Dominic Monaghan
Abbigail Neila Fynn
Agrivain Michael Fassbender
Ash Rhona Mitra
Cairn TwiggX
Connery Neil Oliver
Covenant Isabelle Huppert
Deidre Emily Deschanel
Delaney Nina Dobrev
Dextra Shannon Sossamyn
El Toro Jonathan Goldsmith
Emrys Aidan Turner
Faoladh Jeremy Renner
Flint Bernardo Velasco
Gaheris Cam Gigandet
Gwyllgi Trent Reznor
Honour Jamillette Gaxiola
Hume Benedict Cumberbatch
Invidia Nora Zehetner
Keating Cillian Murphy
Lacrosse Mark Dacascos
Lohengrin Clive Owen
Lleu Bill Nighy
Maxwell Janina Gavankar
Morag Katie McGrath
Niniane Charlotte Rampling
Orpheus Eoin Macken
Quinlin Jason Momoa
Sage Hikaru Utada
Sinister Jason Isaacs
Syzygy Hiroyuki Sanada
Uathach Cristina Scabbia
Urien Paul Newman
Wallace Gian Ghomeshi
Wulfdun Chris Hemsworth
Ywain Taylor Kitsch
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