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Player Run Plot (PrP): An IC event or plot with 2+ players and 1 scene runner. Often one-shot scenes, may span several sessions.

Revelations strongly encourages spontaneous events and pre-approved plots with minimal staff involvement. The game uses three tiers for PrPs.

Level Name Description
1 Standard No approval necessary.
2 Consent Scenes with serious risk of injury or death, damage, and non-standard rewards.
3 Restricted Scenes with restricted material or broad, overarching consequences.

Tier 1: Standard

Any interested player can run a Tier 1 PrP (PrP1) without pre-approval. The most common form of PrP, they allow character interaction, exploration of theme and rules, and fun at any time.


  • Death: Participants may fall unconscious, but automatically stabilize.
  • Damage: Locations and valuable objects cannot be destroyed. Limited or repairable damage is permitted.
  • Debilitation: All hindering effects which extend past the plot's duration end after the scene (except Paradox, Morality degeneration, and health damage).
  • Challenge: All standard opponents up to CharGen level (Gnosis 2), rank 1-2 spirits and ghosts, standard familiars, and minor cryptids are permitted. Scelesti, Seers, and ability or soul drain numina or powers are not allowed.

Tier 2: Consent

Any interested player can run a Tier 2 PrP (PrP2) with pre-approval. A Consent PrP involves a scene with the risks of a staff-run plot, the possibility of lasting effects or damage to characters or locations. Tier 1 restrictions are suspended, and greater rewards or treasure may be awarded.

Admins review plot requests for theme consistency, suitability, and rewards. Approval is not guaranteed, and ideas may need changes or alterations to fit the game.

You must declare a Tier 2 plot before the scene, and players must consent to participate.


  • Damage: Factional headquarters and landmarks cannot be destroyed. Limited or repairable damage is permitted.
  • Rewards: Items up to Resources 3 (or 3 dots) generally permitted, including trifles, tokens, grimoires or rotes, imbued items, and enhanced items. Custom or restricted items like heavy firearms or drugs allowed on a case-by-case basis.
  • Challenge: All standard opponents up to veteran level (Gnosis 3), Banishers or Mad Ones, rank 1-3 spirits and ghosts, and moderate cryptids are permitted.

Tier 3: Restricted

Experienced players can run a Tier 3 PrP (PrP3) with pre-approval. Admins may solicit players with ideas or opportunities. A Restricted PrP involves a scene with limited antagonists or the potential for serious consequences to a sphere or the metaplot. They are death consent and Tier 1 restrictions are suspended.

Admins must preapprove all PrP3 requests, and may modify ideas for suitability. Admins also determine all rewards, and can tailor them to a target audience if appropriate.

You must declare a Tier 3 plot prior to running it. Players may refuse to participate without penalty.


  • Effects: Serious injury, death, severe derangement, lasting debilitation (e.g., curses).
  • Damage: Unrestricted within assigned limits. Damage outside plot scope should be restricted to repairable, pending staff review.
  • Rewards: Items up to Resources 5, including restricted items and all standard magical items. Artifacts, 5-dot rotes, and exceptional special materials (e.g., siderite) only by Director consent.
  • Challenge: All standard opponents and creatures permitted. With approval: Seer cabals, Scelesti, True Fae, demons, knights militant covenants, paramilitary or major organizations.
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