Port o' Leith

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Logo.jpg Edinburgh: Port o' Leith Bar

A dive bar in every sense of the word, the Port o’ Leith recalls the city’s storied maritime connections to the seven seas and all foreign ports of call. An anchor above the door broadcasts welcome to sailors, and the interior is swamped in a sea of impedimenta. Caps, postcards, banknotes, and naval paraphernalia from around the world deck the whitewashed walls, all gifts from visiting sailors. Framed photographs take up what little space remains. Ship’s flags completely cover the ceiling in a rainbow of bunting, a place of pride reserved for a ragged Scottish saltire over the metal and wooden taps. A handful of high-top tables march down the center, tiny booths that barely accommodate two crammed up against the opposite wall under mannequins of seagulls, oars, and vessel nameplates.

The flat bar stretches the full length of the narrow pub, an atoll for that every visitor eventually bellies up to for a pint. An endless supply of cheap ale and wicked bartenders prone to pouring near lethal shots ensure it’s impossible to drink alone and even harder to leave sober. Conveniently placed life preservers marked “Port o’ Leith” might save a floundering soul from falling onto the sticky, checkered floor. Ambiance falls somewhere between a cozy, worn pub beloved by the locals and the Star Wars cantina thanks to dozens of flashing lights, neon signs, and an electric slot machine.


Zone: Leith
Grid: G3
Concept: Sailor's dive bar
Resources: 2
Security: 2

Manager: City
Owner: City
Affiliations: None

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