Portobello Baths

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Logo.jpg Edinburgh: Portobello Baths

Portobello's baths were a mecca for Scottish families before mini-breaks to Ibiza and Lisbon. Lovingly refurbished back to their original Victorian appearance, the baths give a glimpse to the storied past. Ladies in ridiculous bathing suits might still promenade along the tiled decks decorated in red and white geometric patterns that surround the 25m pool. A moveable floor retracts on smooth rollers to create a solid dance floor and bustling activities. Large archways lead into the Turkish baths behind a pair of graceful pillars inlaid with glittering mosaics.

Sunlight pours in through circular skylights, leaving the second floor relaxation lounges awash in drowsy light. Reclining wooden chairs grace each level for a soothing snooze. Guests inclined towards vigorous activities are confined to the fitness studios or gym at the back of the building. Fully outfitted with cardio machines and free weights, the gym faces over a manicured green space planted with flowers and an alpine garden.


Zone: East
Grid: H4
Concept: Victorian bathhouse
Resources: 2
Security: 2

Manager: City
Owner: City
Affiliations: None

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