Prestonfield House

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Logo.jpg Edinburgh: Prestonfield House

Opulent, luxurious grandeur barely scratches the surface of the Lord Provost’s five-star hotel. Prestonfield is a byword for sheer glorious indulgence. Oscar Wilde might be found lounging in the heart of a kaleidoscope of ormulu chandeliers, Scarlet pinstripe wallpaper, and damask chaises in the lobby. Gilt-framed oil paintings look down on a Baroque extravaganza of antique tables laid with cut flowers and silver tea services, Persian floral rugs, all the little imperious touches that speak to every need. Designed to impress in every way, the chic salons -- more boudoir than B&B -- are stuffed with pin-cushion leather chairs and black marble busts under restored sculpted plaster ceilings.

Gilded regency domes and elaborate painted friezes create a fantasy setting in rooms of very different character. Guests to the public rooms commandeer a sofa and summon a drink from the black-kilted staff to wile the day away by a log fireplace. Round stables contain the gilt and velvet-draped ballroom, and grand niches filled with fine artwork trace the route. The three ravishingly decorated private dining rooms overlook the twenty acre parklands and serve private attendees, while the upscale diners at Rhubarb restaurant nourish senses and soul in a matched pair of gorgeously grand oval regency rooms. Caviar, oysters, and sumptuous wines sail out from the kitchens ahead of decadent seasonal entrees.


Zone: Southside
Grid: F6
Concept: Luxury B&B
Resources: 4
Security: 4

Manager: City
Owner: City
Affiliations: None

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