Princes Street Gardens

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Logo.jpg Edinburgh: Princes Street Gardens

Few visitors to the lush oasis filling the steep valley between medieval Old and Georgian New Town might believe these terraced gardens were a stagnant cesspool contaminated by centuries of sewage. Clipped lawns and themed gardens run under a dappled cloak of trees from The Mound's steep rise to white-sided Waverley Bridge. Edinburgh Castle looms above like a dour sentinel. Twisting pathways traversing the East and West Gardens offer a quiet stroll past a floral clock and fearless pigeons hopping around the fountain. Shops sell picnic supplies and fast food from carts along Princes Street, but commercial noise and the railway vanish behind a screen of trees.

A line of monuments and statues trace the narrow park, the gothic spire of the Scott monument piercing the sky. Locating the commemorative stones and bronze casts amid the flowers and substantial tree cover takes considerable patience or investigation. Both sides hold distinct character; tended flower beds spill over the smaller East end, and sandstone steps lead to the National Gallery. Expansive lawns make the West Gardens a favourite for public events and celebrations during any festival. Crowds disperse with surprising ease into the greenspace, allowing nature to assert its presence unchallenged.


Zone: New Town
Grid: DT D2
Concept: Park
Resources: 3
Security: 3

Manager: City
Owner: City
Affiliations: None

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