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Logo.jpg Edinburgh: Queen Street


The crown jewel of the Age of Enlightenment thinkers of the day, New Town demonstrates a mastery of city planning widely considered a masterpiece. UNESCO world heritage status preserves a logical and well-maintained grid originally meant for residential homes. Townhouse exteriors are awash in Georgian and Victorian sensibility, and little has changed the architecture since. Picture windows jut out from each floor; luminous green, blues, and red doors pop against grey sandstone. Tenements huddle together around their delineated squares. Expansive, tree-lined cobblestone streets were forward thinking in their time, permitting freedom of movement and street parking today.

Queen Street is home to government and seats of power. Queen Street Gardens screens the approach to the exclusive district where outposts of European corporations are concealed behind columns and round windows. Expansive Bute House, home to the First Minister of Scotland, forms the heart of New Town. Romanesque in architecture with central columns and arched entryways, it very happily takes up an entire grid square within the neatly codified suburb, providing a grand statement for the government of Scotland. Rendered in handsome relief, an equestrian statue of Prince Albert in full field marshal's uniform stands sentry over the National Archives.


Zone: New Town
Grid: DT B2
Resources: 4
Security: 4

Businesses: Bonham's
Affiliations: None

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