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Date of Birth: November 16th 1975
Apparent Age: Mid-Thirties
Occupation: Park Ranger
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Pride

Order: Steel Legion
Path: Thyrsus
Cabal: None
Legacy: None
Status: Steel Legion ●○○○○
Origins: Bergen


Leave me alone, isolation bears hope,
There's something else waiting, a promised destiny
Freezing me, I feel restless and low
These days full of sadness had joyfully changed into fear.

Blind Guardian - Bright Eyes

  Born in Glasgow, Quinlin awakened during a backpacking trip through Europe. That journey eventually led him to Bergen, Norway where he was taken under the wing of an old Thyrsus by the name of Oakwood. It is there that he spent nearly ten years as a student while working for the military and Norway as a woodland scout and guide. Quinlin is known as a Legionnaire, serving and protecting the the Awakened's natural habitat. While many have their eyes raised to the Supernal, his ward is mother nature herself. Though he might be considered a hermit, a druid or a wild huntsman, he isn't ignorant to the wizened's greater callings. More recently, Quinlin decided to move back home, taking time away to train on his own and to build a nest for himself. Edinburgh being the destination. While new starts are difficult for the Thyrsus, he's optimistic that a new place and some new faces will be good for him and will provide an experience worth having.


  • Hunting/Tracking
  • Survival
  • Combat/Training
  • Nature/Wilds
  • Animal Ken
  • Life, Spirit & Time
  • Medicine/Healing
  • Language: Sign Language & Norwegian
  • Protection of Worthy Causes
  • Archery

 He wears distinctive black serpent like dred locks. Rather long, the thick black cord locks cascade down from his head, sprawling over his shoulders. The man is tall about 6'2 with broad shoulders and muscular build giving him intimidating presence until he smiles then he seems more like a gentle giant. His expressive eyes are hazel in color but lean towards the green in certain light. A perpetual 5 O'clock shadow covers the strong jaw line along with a longish goatee and mustache. His face is rugged but charming, giving him a friendly warning appearance.

 Hugging his upper body is a tight white under shirt, that forms to the ripples of his well defined muscular upper body. The undershirt is untucked, the hem hanging over the waist band of his comfortably well-worn loose fit Levis jeans. A leather belt is slipped through the belt loops of his torn jeans. Over top of the undershirt is a long soft leather jacket, which drapes down over his body past his waist and is buckled closed during bad weather. The scuffed steel buckles are evenly spaced along the coat from the neck to his waist leaving the bottom free to open when he walks. Usually the jacket is left open. He wears plain black leather high topped moccasin boots that are laced under his pant legs, pant leg flared and nearly touching the ground. With heavy leather lacing and topped with short fringe, perfect for walking silently in.

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  • "You're really Norse? You look a bit wild for this coffee shop, Mister Shaggy." - Dextra
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