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Logo.jpg Edinburgh: Red Door Gallery

One part shop to two parts art gallery, the Red Door greets visitors into its space through its namesake brilliant scarlet entrance. Floor to ceiling shopfront windows invite as much window shopping and natural light as possible, illuminating a neutral space occupied by rotating art exhibits. Polished birch floors and white walls recede into the background to properly frame the latest exhibitions of emerging artists and independent designers. Framed photographs and prints cover the walls, showing a melange of styles from cheeky Banksy graffiti to sketched owls or mesmerizing still life. Folding chairs invite contemplation or a rest to appreciate the originals in the collection.

The back half of shop is a melting pot of inspirational prints, art books, artwork, and homewares. Textile scarves and bags wind around hat racks, and jewelry glitters from a grove of trees standing on the countertop. Two thick red couches in a snug niche look over the whole proceedings, like a living room dropped into the thick of Edinburgh.


Zone: Central
Grid: D4
Concept: Art gallery
Resources: 3
Security: 3

Manager: City
Owner: City
Affiliations: None

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