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Logo.jpg Edinburgh: Roslin

Thanks to Dan Brown’s international bestseller, a sleepy Midlothian village is inescapably intertwined with Biblical conspiracy theories and Holy Grail legends rooted around its landmark Rosslyn Chapel. The former seat of the St. Clair family retains a bucolic charm in spite of leagues of tourists driven to explore Templar mysteries by the Da Vinci Code. Two-storey brick cottages face the high road much as they have for a century, chimneys lined up row on row above steep slate ceilings. Clean sidewalks lack for garbage, graffiti, or even errant leaves blown over a field. Flower gardens creep over worn walls and mossy fences in eager profusion, careless of any structures or vehicles that might get in the way. The community center occupies a handsome stone kirk transitioned from divine to secular services. Across the property on the other side of the village, main street shops spans two blocks, just long enough for a pharmacy, library, and an overpriced bed and breakfast not too proud to have The Grail Restaurant.

Tilled fields run right up to the village streets, a patchwork of gold and green stretching as far as the Pentland Hills on the southern horizon. Small stone cottages and creaky barns probably look much the same as they did centuries ago, save for the odd power line or lost car. Plastic tarps and scaffolding cocoon the chapel on the outskirts of town, and the partially ruined Rosslyn Castle stands only a few hundred meters beyond the car park. Pink stones front the standing east range cut into the bedrock above the River Esk, a romantic, dreamy vision on misty mornings.


Zone: Roslin
Grid: F8
Resources: 2
Security: 2

Businesses: Rosslyn Chapel
Affiliations: None

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