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Logo.jpg Edinburgh: Scotch Market

"Sell it and they will come" might be the mantra for the Scotch Market, a ragtag collection of tents turned into a semi-permanent fixture in view of Edinburgh Castle. A forest of blue and white striped awnings shelter stalls and tables thick with every good imaginable, a dull echo of the roaring markets from years past. Lorries and cars choke the miniscule parking lot at the end of the terrace where condemned buildings once stood. Flowers and posters flap on bloated sheet plywood hemming in the outline of a defunct development, and visitors cheerfully breeze past a row of 'No Trespassing' signs.

The Scotch Market is a broad cross-section of the city itself in all its vibrant races, ethnicities, and ages. Produce from the Lothians glistens on trays guarded by organic farmers at one table, while their neighbour hawks batik sarongs and housewares in dizzying colours, and a Turkish merchant sells watches and jewelry of dubious quality across the tight aisle. Residents trawl through piles of vintage clothes and confectionaries on display, assaulted from every corner by ground coffee and aromatherapy oils, overripe fruit and the sweat of many bodies pressed together. By day the place buzzes with frenetic energy, for night brings vagrants to empty spaces and no one wisely loiters long.


Zone: Central
Grid: D5
Concept: Farmers market and bazaar
Resources: 2
Security: 3

Manager: City
Owner: City
Affiliations: None

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