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Logo.jpg FAQ: Edinburgh

  • Q: What should I do if I notice a theme or setting discrepancy?
A: Revelations' Edinburgh is based on the real world city, but IC events and the World of Darkness make for differences. Glaring oversights or errors will be considered, but we want non-British players to feel comfortable playing in a foreign setting so we're not sweating the small stuff.
  • Q: What's surveillance like? Are there CCTVs everywhere?
A. Great Britain is among the most surveilled countries on Earth. The World of Darkness takes this even further. As a rule of thumb, assume all public locations are monitored and someone has a smartphone with a camera. Police can access CCTV footage, traffic cameras, hidden cameras, and more.
  • Q: What are crime rates like?
A: Skewed for the World of Darkness, incidents of violent crime or gun crimes still make national headlines. Murders and shootings are uncommon. Increasing petty crimes, burglaries, fights, riots, and racially-motivated crimes in recent years add to the woes and fears for the future.
  • Q: How easily are handguns or firearms acquired?
A. Due to the Dunblane Massacre, strict laws control all firearms for those outside the military. Farmers and specialists, like gamekeepers, can legally obtain shotguns which must be kept under strict lock and key. Police don't often carry guns; tasers are very common. Conceal permits are very rare, and police will do in someone carrying one illegally. Licenses are available for historical re-enactment purposes, like blackpowder muskets. Remember, Big Brother is watching.
That said, people have guns and carry them, knowing the penalties if they get caught are steep. For mages, getting or hiding a gun is hardly difficult. Guns are available on the black market, bought from gangs or smuggled in overseas.
  • Q: What are the laws regarding melee weapons?
A: The most dangerous melee weapons, like knives or swords, are illegal to carry except to and from a place of employment, or with dispensation as part of a historical re-enactment group.
  • Q: Do real life news events also happen IC?
A: Yes, Revelations has a parallel history except where noted, like riots in Edinburgh or the demise of certain alliances. Major IC events are tracked in the timeline.
  • Q: Are there Scottish naming conventions?
A. Scottish names follow the same rules as American or British, except for generational names. Henry Mackenzie, second of his name, doesn’t use Junior. His son isn’t Henry Mackenzie the Third.

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