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Logo.jpg Edinburgh: Sighthill

Sighthill is a town on the rise after decades of rampant poverty and growth obliterated the natural landscape. Fifty-year-old apartment towers long stunted urban development in a morass of crime and squalor in their footprints, cursing the area with ethnic divisions, drug violence, and gang crime. Council orders sent the tower blocks crashing to the ground early in 2008, and since then, developers haven’t looked back. Young families attracted to affordable property prices have started to purchase modest homes and flats in planned communities which mix commercial shops, office space, and schools in close proximity. Construction crews crawl over the exposed building sites splashed by projected models and sales deals conjured up by eager estate agents.

Sixties rowhouses still sag around the center of the community in spite of the coming promise. Calder Road runs east to west past strings of car dealerships and chain shops that elbow out the older, dodgy businesses. New shopping developments continue to expand over the new Edinburgh Bypass into parks and fields that evoke the fading rural past. The pastoral atmosphere remains about the fringes of Sighthill, where narrow roads stretch past barley fields and barns without a turnoff or blue Scotsman sign in sight.


Zone: Pentlands
Grid: B6
Resources: 2
Security: 2

Businesses: Brighton Place
Hailesland Park
Affiliations: None

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