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Concept: Bearer of judgment
Apparent Age: 45
Virtue: Prudence
Vice: Lust

Order: Guardians of the Veil
Path: Obrimos
Legacy: --
Status: Herald
Superior: Senior Council
Service: 5 years
Cabal: An Dà Shealladh


What good would it do?
We act because we must.
We act because we are vindictive.
Surely you had not forgotten?

To Ywain

Partnered to Dextra in his duties, Sinister sends a collective chill down the spines of the Royal Society. His appearances tell of judgment, ill news, and grim tidings borne out of the Council’s halls. Only matters of serious importance come into his purview most of the time, and sensitive materials relying on discretion and stealth. He wears a mask when executing his duties as a judge, donning a different physical shape and appearance to suit the occasion. His gregarious, booming “off-duty” personality is at odds with the stereotype of a Guardian of the Veil. New mages to Edinburgh rarely suspect his associations until well after accepting a grin, a story, and drinks.

No one outside his cabal really knows who the man under the mask is, where he comes from or even what he might look like. Whenever probed by his fellows, his good-natured response never wavers: he is a loyal servant. What pleases conservative mages bothers the liberal thinkers in the Lumen Society and leaves others wondering which ideals or notions he serves.

The story of his ascent to Consilium favour is well known enough. He brought down the fire of the Aether with vehement delight on a Mad One raising ghosts, and somehow managed to eradicate any traces of magic from the Morningside neighbourhood. An amiable conversation with the police ended when he erased records of another mage under investigation on a laptop. Sinister’s malleable identity protects him from notice by Supernal enemies, which he has garnered a few in the course of his duties.

He is a known student of Life and Prime.


  • Goes along with practically anything.
  • He enjoys cheap, flavoured liquors.
  • He is said to be a crack shot with a shotgun.
  • Eleven o'clock is Beefeaters gin time. 2200 is whiskey hour.
  • Low-quality British cinema is a guilty passion.

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Played by Jason Isaacs.


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