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Being a Gentleman by Marypops by Tybsy.jpg
Date of Birth: August 19 1984
Fame: 1 Inventing and building weird items.
Apparent Age: Late 20's
Occupation: Toy maker and Inventor
Shadow Name: Tinker
Virtue: Secret
Vice: Secret
Order: Lumen Society
Path: Thyrsus
Legacy: None
Status: One
Cabal: None
Origins: Anglesey

Sirus Blackthrone

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

-Arthur C. Clarke

Freed is the truth of reality; all things need to fight for it. This is my war for freedom; I shall do whatever it takes to keep mine. Sirus Bloodwalker

  The word on the street passed around about the new Mage in town is simple this man is truly mad some say other that he is a genius. He goes by the name Tinker and will try and build anything you desire. Money is not due till the product is done. He runs a small toy-store and that is where he makes his machines. His shop which is not open yet is know as the The Emporium of wonder and he has been posting up flyers and took out an ad in the local paper. Just a huge ad in the old Victorian style with no info just a name the address and that it opens in 2 weeks. He is also know to be a tad crazy and full of hyper energy only sitting down for rare spells some joke just long enough to catch his breath.

Technology the weirder the better

Clubs loves to shake his grove thing

Drink has a true passion for alcohol

Good times will go anywhere at least once

Old movies mainly silent and old sci-fi from before the 80s

Music all sorts as long s their is talent

Politics dangerous but has a passion for it.

Old books when I say old pages falling out. Also reprints of old novels mostly victorina and pulp fiction.

Theme Songs
[1] How he feels at the club when the tunes fill his soul.

[2] Through Science all dreams can become true.

[3] His politics in a nutshell.

[4] Everything is better with robots a personal motto!

  A tall Irishman with long, flowing red hair that reaches his mid-back. A pair of goggles with a silver and black motif under this are above his deep green eyes that peek out from behind his hair that falls a little in front of his face. He wears a tight vest with a chain, a pocket-watch that seems to be well polished peeking out of the breast pocket. He wears a short sleeve short under the vest and his arms are exposes on his right wrist is a symbol of some sort it appears to be Celtic it seems to be tattoo or scared into the flesh. He also has a pair of black leather pants on with more pockets then seem necessary to one's day to day survival, but they are all zipped up and the man wearing them knows where to dig for items. He wears a pair of black combat boots on his feet and they have been shined like they are God's gift to this man.

Tinker's tattoo.gif His first tattoo on his right wrist.

Steampunk3 (1).jpg Transport is good for the soul. 001283 01 (1).jpg Time piece he made.


The friend from the old days

The siren of violence

The great debater and drinking buddy

The engineer of great ideas.

The tattooed angel



  • "He could kill a diabetic at ten paces with that much sweetness. What the hell am I doing even talking to you?" - Cairn
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