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Logo.jpg Edinburgh: Royal Edinburgh Infirmary

Though unassuming from outside, Srinagar rejects flocked wallpaper and flaming curries for an unconventional view of Indian dining. A lush explosion of exotic fragrances and tastes of the subcontinent greet visitors entering the Indian restaurant. Tropical wood blinds and modern china instead rule, and plain paneled walls quarter the dining room into smaller, private areas that retain a sense of intimacy. Small round tables dressed in pristine white cloths sit close to one another, a subtle testament to the popularity of the restaurant. Orange chairs hearken to saffron and curry spices, the terra cotta floors matching the rich earthen tones of India itself. Glass windows are emblazoned by salivating monikers like Roti and Paneer on their lower halves, allowing light to flow in unrestricted.

Indian and Bangladeshi servers, dressed to the nines in ties and button-down shirts, circulate amongst the guests to deliver platters of savory food or refill drinks. A communal atmosphere prevails as diners share meals, sampling peppery sauces and cooked meats and vegetables. The menu serves familiar favourites, from pakora to butter chicken, as innovative tapas on small plates. Combinations focus on freshness and distinct flavours brought from northern Indian cuisine. Queues form at the bustling takeaway desk where a small legion of smiling, dark-haired women prepare orders to go. Guests pack the tiled and wood-paneled lobby during lunch and evening rushes, serenaded by melodic natural soundtracks over the murmur of lively conversation in a dozen languages.


Zone: Southside
Grid: G7
Concept: Indian Restaurant
Resources: 2
Security: 2

Manager: City
Owner: City
Affiliations: None

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