Standing Order

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Logo.jpg Edinburgh: The Standing Order

Wealth and power are the mortar holding together the sanctum of privilege embodied. Housed in an imposing stone building graced by neoclassical columns and balustrades, the magnificent interior is large enough to swallow most pubs whole with room to spare. Lustrous marble columns run down the central hall, geometric designs on the copper and cream tiled floors shimmering beneath a sea of American walnut tables. The Standing Order preserves architectural elements from the Bank of Scotland branch that one occupied the space. Peaked hardwood door frames and inlay around double door entrances gleam under crystal chandeliers overhead. Neatly grouped spirits, a massive catalogue of single-malt whiskeys, occupy the massive wall-length bar that almost dominates the former bank.

Almost because of the stunning plaster ceiling overhead. Pillars soar upwards past the waterfall of cut crystal and a gilded frieze, supporting the barrel vault patterned in gilded coffers against a navy backdrop. Delicate filigree etched out from the frosted glass windows marching around the circumference cast elaborate patterns on guests bellied up to the bookcase-like bar. Glass protects the shut 30-tonne safe off to the side of the room. Twin staircases lead into private rooms on the second floor.


Zone: New Town
Grid: DT C2
Concept: Upscale pub
Resources: 3
Security: 4

Manager: City
Owner: City
Affiliations: None

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