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Concept: Supernal astronomer
Apparent Age: 45
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Envy

Order: Invisible College
Path: Obrimos
Legacy: --
Status: Fellow
Cabal: Heirs of Calgacus


No pessimist ever discovered the secret of the stars,
Or sailed to an uncharted land
Or opened a new doorway for the human spirit.

-- Helen Keller

Syzygy, as well known for his tongue-twisting shadowname as his take no breaths oratory style, is an explosive force when he can be pried away from researching the influence of celestial alignments on Supernal activities. He defies the Invisible College stereotype of a bookish, sleepy academic, being two parts Neil deGrasse Tyson to two parts Michio Kaku. He passionately defended his thesis "Celestial Influences" against an Irish scholar in a 40 minute diatribe so well that the Invisible College tossed him out of the caucus hall and banned his publication. Syzygy lost his patience and earned a Fellowship, lauded behind his back and to his face. With a doctorate in astrophysics, he plumbs the affinities and secrets of a dead field largely derided as superstition. Few people believe that deep universal significance is written in the stars, but backed up by a frightening understanding of cosmology and a celestial vision, he'll argue otherwise. At length. And you just might find yourself agreeing with him.


  • Syzygy has a junior fellowship at the Royal Observatory in Blackford Hill.
  • His controversial "Celestial Influences" paper was banned in Dublin.
  • He supposedly denounced an Irish rival's work on celestial alignments as "perfectly valid, and perfectly wrong."
  • He speaks fluent Mandarin and Japanese.
  • As the face of the Heirs of Calgacus, he seeks out anyone with similar interests and views.
  • Probably the only Columbine willing to stamp in and make everyone agree.

  The years have been kind to him, an Asian man whose age is almost impossible to peg. He doesn't make it any easier. Skin with a sallow undertone has few crinkles or careworn lines, and he wears his black hair in a long, shaggy cut common to dreamers and physicists. Frequently running his hands through it leaves his mane slightly disheveled, distinctly leonine. Laughter comes easily to him, a kinetic energy grounded by clear intellect and purpose. His five-o-clock shadow gives traces of a beard and mustache to his strong, square jaw, and yet everything about him is clean, almost spotless. His usual ensemble of a black button-down shirt and dark slacks or jeans is practically a uniform, hiding any wrinkles, infinitely practical wherever he goes. Titanium cufflinks are a curiosity, inlaid with food ration tokens from the War.

 Syzygy's manner of speaking is memorable, as energetic and fluid as the rest of him. He almost performs when expounding on a favourite topic, and makes the time fly by.


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