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Date of Birth: 1979
Apparent Age: Twenties
Occupation: Cafeteria Worker at Edinburgh Infirmary
Virtue: Charity
Vice: Envy

Order: Invisible College
Path: Acanthus
Cabal: None
Legacy: None
Status: Invisible College 2
Origins: Anglesey


Three times have I been born, I know by meditation;
All the sciences of the world are collected in my breast,
For I know what has been, and what hereafter will occur.

The Mabinogeon

  Taliesin was born and raised near Bristol. As a talented youth, he began City University London at age 17. There he had a hard time dedicating to any one topic, switching majors regularly as his interests shifted. After many years of college, and hardly any closer to a degree than the day he started, he wandered into a strangely named nightclub: The White Hare. And his world was never the same.
  After his awakening, Londinium took him in and taught him the greater truth, and the Ars Mysteriorum. However, on a whim of distaste at their Roman roots, Taliesin abandoned them, seeking guidance on a different path in Dublin. There, the Blessed Isle eventually took him in (not without much pain, suffering, and penance). There, he has made significant contributions to the work of the Invisible College. In particular, his thirst for lost knowledge often speaks louder than his good sense, and has been successful on more than one adventure to reclaim odds and ends from less than savory places.
 For nearly a decade, Taliesin has lived among the Anglesey and Irish mages. There he has learned much of the secret lore of man, and the natural order of the world. Now, he has been charged, as destiny would have it, that he travel to Scotland. Perhaps this new land will grant him new adventures and new knowledge.


  • Nature-based mysticism (Neodruidism, etc)
  • Intellectual stuff: medicine, science, etc.
  • Blowing off authority

 The young man stands a bit of six feet tall, with a slender build. His brown hair is about the length of his shoulder blades, and he usually wears it in a loose braid held by a decorative leather thong. His facial features aren't quite chiseled, but they are prominent. He dresses very casually, and usually has a fairly carefree stance about him, except when something takes his interest.



  • Neodruids
  • Hospital Staff


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