Tent City

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Logo.jpg Edinburgh: Tent City

Impermanent structures huddle at the foot of the Royal Mile, a sea of canvas lean-tos, patchwork tarps, and pup tents amidst the trees. Noise permeates the soil and resonates through the lightly wooded parkland, the babble of thirty languages singing, shouting, and talking all at once. Occupation scars the landscape, trails hewn through flattened grass and dusty earth replacing the undergrowth. Laundry lines strung between the branches support clothes, Tibetan prayer flags, and protest signs in every shape and colour. The semblance of a community divides the encampment into visible outdoor kitchens with Coleman stoves and hot plates, port-a-potties and camp showers, and a large mustering ground. At any given time, residents perform or rail against injustices, entertain children, read, and hurl slogans and insults at passersby.

Law enforcement maintains a light presence towards the front gates of the camp, a set of concrete barricades painted in a rainbow of hues. Homeless people mingle among the rebellious youths and NEETs, the perpetually unemployed, and the crowds swell on finer days. An air of simmering frustration and suppressed boredom stews inside the camp, and fists fly as often as favourite sayings. Visitors walk lightly and keep to the fringes.


Zone: East
Grid: H5
Concept: Protest squat
Resources: 1
Security: 1

Manager: City
Owner: City
Affiliations: None

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