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Logo.jpg Edinburgh: The Underground

The Underground has something of a legendary status in the Scottish music scene as a place of euphoric music and dance floor frenzies. The brooding interior certainly fits the bill. Rough bricks face a long, low tunnel burrowing back into the Scottish bedrock itself, part of a disused railway project long abandoned. Fat arches supporting the massive weight on the low ceiling sink into the ground, worn facing smoothed by passing hands and occasional water dripping down from above. Poor lighting casts dark shadows in all directions except for multihued beams splashing pools of red and blue against the uneven floors. Poured concrete creates an even dance floor in front of the stage, but the fringes buck and dip in different directions, a threat to stiletto heels and drunkards.

A series of alcoves and brick corridors carved off the main tunnel give private hideaways for dancers to gather and customers to escape the pounding, throbbing noise. Live DJs play a head-splitting mix of music from Afrobeat and Brazilian to soul and house piped through speakers stowed in all places. The floor reverberates to hard drum beats and the loudest, liveliest crowds literally shake mortar loose. Filled-in vaults back the stage area, a platform lifted a good five feet above the crowd pit, and fenced in just in case.


Zone: East
Grid: G6
Concept: Subterranean club
Resources: 2
Security: 2

Manager: City
Owner: City
Affiliations: None

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