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Logo.jpg Edinburgh: Tollcross

A gateway and a crossroads, Tollcross is all of these things and more. Routes converge and part ways in the busy West End, and fittingly, cultures of old and new clash on those same routes. Indian and Bangladeshi restaurants stand cheek to cheek with Victorian theatres and Italian delis from the 1870s. Bankers and buskers fight for attention and space in a delirious assault of neon signs, chic suits, and curry. Astounding architectural diversity reveals the split personality at the soul of Tollcross. Civilized old dames in Scottish baronial architecture run up against Modernist office blocks sheathed in blue glass, juxtaposed near working-class tenements from the days when functionality overrode concerns of style. Tiny shops and bars of little consequence occupy the ground floors, the upper three storeys split into squashed flats barely suitable for one, let alone whole families.

After dark, the lights and music come on from dusk until dawn as the entertainment district of Lothian Road awakens. Countless popular pubs from sticky dives to multi-level, neon-washed affairs cater to the hungers of the body and leave edgier entertainment to discos, flashy bars, and strip clubs. Revelers join office workers bound for cinemas and the dazzling acoustics of Usher Hall. Diverse architectural styles reflect the dizzying social mix: Modernist offices, neoclassical theatres, and Scottish baronial tenements stand side by side. Small theatres and comedy clubs are wedged in between flats let by the struggling artistic community unable to afford the higher rents closer to town. Dark alleys stink of overripe trash, laughter and electronica beats mingling together over the riotous catcalls advertising this show or that pleasure on the cheap.


Zone: Old Town
Grid: DT B5
Resources: 3
Security: 3

Businesses: Cloisters
Traverse Theatre
Affiliations: None

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