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Logo.jpg Edinburgh: Traverse Theatre

The grand dame of the West End, the legendary Traverse Theatre is synonymous with innovative live performances and brilliant dramas. Stars of the Traverse Theatre Company strut the boards worldwide and create spectacles from the posh glass and brick Saltire Court building anchored by two large theatre spaces. Traverse 1, the largest space, acts as a black box with reconfigurable padded seating for up to two hundred people around the large stage. With half as many seats, Traverse 2 embodies a flexible design as lights can shuttle the length of the studio and fit any stage layout imaginable. Exceptional sound systems and technology keep pushing the boundaries between fantasy and reality whenever a new season of shows opens.

Darling of the Edinburgh Fringe and International Festivals, its haul of awards are displayed in glass cases on the second floor boardrooms. Its doors stay open practically all summer during festival season, welcoming all and sundry. The Traverse offers extensive writing workshops and art lessons most nights of the week. Drinks and conversation flow freely at reputedly the longest theatre bar in the country. Visitors loitering at round tables help themselves to an impressive array of treats and a diverse range of free events.


Zone: Old Town
Grid: B5
Concept: Theatre
Resources: 3
Security: 3

Manager: City
Owner: City
Affiliations: None

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