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Concept: Dead Witch
Apparent Age: 35
Virtue: Justice
Vice: Wrath

Order: Guardians of the Veil
Path: Moros
Legacy: --
Status: Provost (Acanthus)
Cabal: An Dà Shealladh


The grave soul keeps its own secrets, and takes its own punishment in silence.

- Dorothy Dix

Gossips in the Royal Society agree that Uathach is a dangerous woman. Many fear Niniane’s dark-eyed provost, and the cloak of death that she wears like a shroud. A drunken Philologos conjured up a story about her black glass knife being formed from the souls of the dead, and the legend grew larger than life. Its appearance alone ends conversations and clears rooms. She wields an iron fist over a twilight network of dead spies, ghostly informants, and haunted observers culled from all over Edinburgh. Little reaches her ears which the shades have not already told her, and she binds their loyalty in ways few among Edinburgh’s mages care to contemplate. Her friend Dextra jokes she exists to frighten other mages into good behaviour.

When she lets her hair down, which is rare, Uathach frequents the darker bars in quiet parts of the city. She can drink almost anyone under the table and swills Jameson’s like her mother’s milk, not far off the fact given the traces of her Irish accent. Mages who desire a straightforward conversation without the maddening social conventions or chaotic rituals seek her out to get things down. Simply put, Uathach doesn’t do bullshit.

Niniane has an uneasy relationship with Uathach, given the Councilor’s unpredictable and impulsive nature mixes like oil and water with the chilling deliberation of her second. Three years ago, Niniane claimed a newcomer as her provost after leaving the position vacant for half a decade. Certain parties would dearly like to know what deal-making behind the scenes brokered such a frightening, collected figure into a position of political power. Uathach stands to gain by her association, but openly exerts little to no influence except in defense of mages accused under suspicious circumstances.

Uathach is thought to be a disciple in Death. She bears powerful, extensive brands on her aura visible only with Fate. Don’t ask what they mean.


  • Her bluntness scares off politicians.
  • The fate brands on her aura may attract notice.
  • The dead don't tell secrets about her. Or ever seem to be around.

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Played by Cristina Scabbia


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