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Logo.jpg Edinburgh: Urban Angel

New Town's architecture may still be Georgian, but the atmosphere in the neighbourhood cafe is bohemian. Beech plank floors gleam against the clean white lines and simple decor. Huge chalkboards list the menus of the day sourced from seasonal and local produce, gaily outlining a variety of vegan-friendly entrees, lunch, dinner, and brunch items. Vile temptations never looked so good; foam-decorated cappuccinos and cocoas sail past on servers' platters. Savory pastries and fat slabs of fresh baked bread glisten on the chopping block next to the registers. Local jams and jellies in decadent combinations line the shelving unit next to plump futon seats.

Wood tables neatly line two dining rooms separated by a low pony wall. A spill of black painted blossoms decorate the casual, street-facing eatery, while the formal chamber sports frosted candles on each tabletop. A petite flagstoned terrace in front of the cafe opens on sunny days to let guests people watch over a sumptuous lunch or dinner.


Zone: New Town
Grid: DT C2
Concept: Vegan restaurant
Resources: 3
Security: 4

Manager: City
Owner: City
Affiliations: None

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