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Concept: Urban Technoshaman
Apparent Age: Late 30s
Virtue: Charity
Vice: Gluttony

Order: Lumen Society
Path: Thyrsus
Legacy: Vox Populi
Status: Councilor
Cabal: --


Everything is blooming most recklessly;
if it were voices instead of colors,
there would be an unbelievable shrieking into the heart of the night.

Rainer Maria Rilke

Wallace, like his namesake, is half-French. The other half is arbitrarily Palestinian, Pakistani, pied noir Algerian or Brazilian. The story goes that after he fled the ghetto arondissements of Paris, he went on a several year bender that began with a massive hit of hashish at a Communist rally and stopped outside the International Fringe Festival. He has a permanent all-access pass to the seediest bars and exclusive DJ club openings, and wherever youthful counterculture raises its head, he’s found lounging in its midst. But he isn’t about rebellion for rebellion’s sake. He’s out to start the next wave of the Scottish Enlightenment.

There is not a person in the Royal Society who understands Edinburgh’s spirits -- and the city’s spirit itself -- better than the Thyrsus Councilor. He has made enveloping himself in urban sorcery his life’s mission, and he wanders the streets to read the passions carved by its people into the ancient narrative and discover whole new chapters forming under his feet. The spirit courts pay heed to the one who by turns succors and banishes them, reacting to the shifting balance and pruning the Shadow Garden to healthier pinnacles. Profoundly disinterested in the past, he pushes the cutting edge of techne in hopes to reclaim what the Royal Society has lost: namely, its ingenuity and connection with the modern day. His understanding of the urban jungle goes to the heart of who and what Wallace is.

Half the time he exists in a manic delirium and the other half a deep, contemplative reverie no one dares call depression or stupor because his insights can scythe through expectations and long held opinions with a few words. The Lumen Society acknowledges the technoshaman isn’t wired the same way as everyone else and he plays by totally different rules, a strength for the Royal Society though he baffles and frustrates most of his peers.

Wallace is notoriously difficult to track down, of no fixed address, and a man completely of the city. He also has a weakness for weird and unusual plants native to the British Isles, the more endangered the better, which fill his vacant office.


  • Consummate clubber and festival goer.
  • Fancies himself literate in spirits.
  • Wanders into lost urban corners.
  • Expert at parkour.

  Mussed black hair and dark olive skin give Wallace the cast of a foreigner in a country of gingers and brunettes. Something about him is disreputably scruffy, broken by a toothy, amiable grin that's hard to resist. Dark eyes are etched with a few laugh lines beneath heavy brows. His hair is often just a bit shaggy, falling unevenly over his forehead. Day old growth darkens his chin and hints at a moustache that will never be more than that, balancing out a strong nose and prominent chin.

  A beaten brown corduroy jacket fits him well, for all the ends are frayed and sleeves weathered to a dull shade between mud and dirt. His henley t-shirt reveals a lean physique beneath the heather brown cotton. Buttons gape open at the throat, below it the impression of a deer screened in darker brown. His jeans and boots are one seamless mass of greyish black smushed with a bit of dust from the streets, and no remarkable repair.

Played by Gian Ghomeshi.


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