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Logo.jpg Edinburgh: Warehouse

Much like the economy, this cavernous building's golden years are well past. Scars on the poured concrete floor and chipped paint on squat support beams speak to use and age. Looming metal racks soar towards the distant metal framed ceiling, home to shrink-wrapped crates and cardboard boxes stamped in half a dozen languages and logos. Broken glass and splintered pallets lurk in the corners away from wide, straight aisles dissecting the space into a dizzying maze negotiated by forklifts and underpaid immigrant workers. Rickety stairs scale the wall to a second floor office, a brown pod of cubicles and soulless metal furniture. Fluorescent grate lighting struggles to banish shadows back to the dusty recesses, leaving dim swaths untouched and the entrances glaringly bright.

Security cameras monitor all the doors and the dingy parking lot. Huge coiling doors open onto disused shipping bays strewn by filth and pancaked graffiti, and chain-link fences provide only minor deterrents to pigeons and rats nesting in the rusting dumpsters.


Zone: Leith
Grid: F2
Concept: Warehouse
Resources: 2
Security: 2

Manager: City
Owner: City
Affiliations: None

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