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Logo.jpg Edinburgh: Waverley Station


As the dominant railway hub servicing Edinburgh and the second largest station in the UK, Waverley Station blazes with human activity at all hours. The huge complex sits at the bottom of a drained loch separating New and Old Town, bound by a spiderweb of stairs, walkways, and grand Waverley Bridge. Tangled tracks feed east and westbound trains to twenty-one platforms on an island protected by the arching glass roof. England-bound trains congregate on the eastern side of the grand central concourse, connected by escalators and broad aisles. ScotRail's main services through Scotland and the fast train to Glasgow dominate the westbound services.

Grand flourishes of Victorian architecture survived refurbishment and expansion, as best displayed in the glorious oriel dome crowning the booking hall. Numerous booths sell tickets for different lines and shops hawk souvenirs, refreshments, and snacks to hurried travelers. Ubiquitous LCD screens feed continuous information on time, arrivals, and departures to the orderly crowds commuting from the city center to all points on mainland Britain. Security is strictly enforced by wandering patrols, K9 units, and CCTV cameras mounted from every angle.


Zone: New Town
Grid: DT B3
Resources: 3
Security: 4

Businesses: None
Affiliations: None

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